"Alex is The Man if you are looking for high level ideas for your life, or in my case, business. I don't think well outside the box. I don't think he even knows the box exists. Just spent an hour batting ideas around. Time and money well spent!"


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"Before working with Alex, I was fat. After working with Alex, I am jacked. Crazy part is, I eat pizza, burgers, and 'fried' chicken on the regular. Oh, and a lot of steak. Seems to be working, and my lady hasn't seemed to mind!"


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"I swear, good mentorship is the cheat code to turn your life God mode. Since meeting Alex, I: Secured a $40K raise, started and grew a new income stream I can nearly live off, and got ripped. While working less than before. Thankful I dropped my ego and listened.


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Consultation with Alex

A 30-minute consultation call to break through the biggest obstacles that are holding your progress back.

$ 300.00 USD

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